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It's safe and natural, but only a small percentage of men and women enjoy menstrual sex. For many women, menstruation is an inconvenience, a time for bloating, cramps, tampons, pads, mood swings and even a source of guilt, shame and disgust at what is a natural event in every womans life. For other women, it's a time of adventure and pleasure, a time for deeper intimacy, a time of hightened sexual arousal and sensitivity. And for men, for some it's a time of heightened arousal, when oder and scent combine to trigger a response that can best be described as animal desire. These are the men and women for whom this site is dedicated to, the lovers and the players who share a passion for the days of red.

Welcome to, where adult pleasures are enjoyed every day of her month. If you enjoy having sex with women during the crest of their menstrual cycle, or if you are a woman who gets horny during your period, this is your page. Bookmark us now and return often, our menstrual special interest site is about to grow leaps and bounds into what is about to become our quest to be the number one source for all natural menstrual erotica and some very interesting free menstrual facts and featurettes. From reference and practices to hardcore clubs and more, is about to rock your world.

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